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Buy maltese puppies 

and other pets when properly socialized.
Intelligence and Trainability: Maltese are intelligent and trainable, though they can sometimes be stubborn. They respond well to positive reinforcement and consistent training.
Activity Level: While Maltese enjoy playtime, they are not overly energetic. They are content with moderate exercise and are adaptable to various living situations, including apartments.
Grooming: Maltese require regular brushing and combing to prevent mats and tangles. Their long coats may also need professional grooming.
Lifespan: Maltese are known for their relatively long lifespan, living an average of 12-15 years.
Things to Consider Before Getting a Maltese Puppy:
Grooming needs: The long, white coat requires daily brushing and regular professional grooming. Are you prepared for this commitment?
Training needs: Maltese can be stubborn and require consistent, positive reinforcement training. Are you familiar with dog training techniques?
Exercise needs: While Maltese are not overly active, they still need exercise to stay healthy and happy. Are you able to provide them with daily walks and playtime?
Cost: Responsible breeders charge a premium for Maltese puppies. Additionally, consider the ongoing costs of food, vet care, and grooming.
Where to Find Maltese Puppies:Reputable breeders: Research breeders in your area who have a good reputation and ensure they are breeding ethically and health-testing their dogs.
Rescue organizations: Many rescue organizations have Maltese puppies and adults available for adoption.
Shelters: Some shelters may have Maltese puppies available for adoption, though this is less common.

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